Thank you for your interest in selling on We hold our buyers as well as sellers in high esteem and do everything possible to ensure a sane selling and buying environment where no one feels cheated or left out. Below are a few things you should know and adhere to as a valuable seller on


  1. upload your product images to your MallsAndFun shop dashboard
  2. Honesty is a core value in MallsAndFun therefore, ensure that the pictures you upload to your shop dashboard is exactly what the customers will get upon delivery. The implication of defaulting in this rule is that we will pay you only when the customer okays the product, however, if you upload the right images then we will protect you from buyers who want to make trouble. We understand this business very well so be rest assured that we got your back when you do the right thing.
  3. You shall not encourage MallsAndFun customers to buy using your personal contact details as all buying and selling must be done on alone this is in other to avoid scam activities.


  1. We have made arrangement for delivering products to the buyers without much stress. However, you are responsible for making sure that products are well packed to prevent damage. Sellers will bear the cost of damaged products en-route resulting from seller’s fault. On the other hand, our logistics partners will bear the cost on damages resulting from their poor handling of sellers’ products.
  2. Shipping duration: please ensure to use our logistics arrangement to ship products to buyers immediately. This is important as sometimes logistics partners may experience delay in shipping products. Always remember that products must get to buyers within two to three days.


As we have earlier advised, ensure that what you upload to your shop dashboard is what you deliver to the buyer as we will be left with no option but to return customers money to them if they cannot manage what was delivered to them.

We shall be left with no option but to return the product to you and you may have to pay for the cost of the returns. That will in no form be any fault of ours as we cannot protect you if you sell the wrong product to a customer.


Please avoid the temptation of selling to MallsAndFun’s customers outside the MallsAndFun Sales platform. We have put this measure in other to eliminate any form of fraudulent activity. Please note that you definitely will be sanctioned if found breaking this rule.

We are more than happy to partner with you!


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