Body⇌Brain Energy by Health Fitness and Longevity

Body⇌Brain Energy™ is a Nootropic-based formula, containing 21 clinically researched ingredients, designed to help maximize your physical energy and optimize your mental performance*… Resulting in a whole-body energy boost, with anti-aging benefits for your body and brain!

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Body⇌Brain Energy™ was designed to help increase your energy levels for both your body AND mind. It’s a safe and effective alternative to caffeine products (such as coffee, tea, “energy” drinks, soda, etc.). It contains less than 10 mg of naturally occurring caffeine from green tea extract.

Body⇌Brain Energy™ is also very beneficial and effective if you suffer from stress, mental or physical “burnout”adrenal fatigue, or low thyroid.

“General” Recommended Usage

Take 2 pills, first thing in the morning with a big glass of water, at least 12 oz. You may eat a few minutes later.

If after a few days you require more energy, you can either take 3 pills first thing in the morning, or take an additional 1 or 2 more pills three hours after your first dosage – for a total of 3 or 4 pills daily.

We are all different and because of this, some may need only 1 pill daily and some may need 3-4 daily. However, the average recommended dosage is 2 pills daily.

Note: Do not take it late in the day as it may cause difficulty sleeping.



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