Below is a straight to the point information regarding sales and payment through our referral program:

On MallAndFun we pay referrals for each  each successful sales made with the affiliate marketers referral link. 

We pay 5% commission per sales using your referral link.

Affiliate marketers pay lesser when they buy a product on MallsAndFun.com

We will keep you informed on future developments, coupons, etc.

How to get buyers:

advertise your link on facebook timelines, whatsapp, telegram groups, etc. When a buyer indicates interest and makes a purchase you get paid for every single product the customer buys.

Second method: is take pictures of products from MallsAndFun.com share on whatsapp status or facebook timelines with the capture we are selling “xyz products” when a friend indicates interest click on your referral link to take you to MallsAndFun.com then make a purchase on their behalf, tell them to pay for it and that’s all.

Please feel free to ask any question using the customer support page.

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