What Girls Do That Guys Hate

Below are eight things girls do that guys actually hate:

  1. Playing Hard To Get: The moment a girl plays hard to get with me that will be the end of my trial because I believe that girls who play hard to get do not have what it takes to be in a relationship. Not like you should be all loosed or talk to every dick and harry, but at least give people a good audience at their first chance. After all, you don’t know who would turn out reasonable in the end.
  2. Asking For Money On First Dates: Asking a guy for Money or telling him about how you are hungry the first time you meet him is a NO! NO!
  3. Dropping The Call/Hanging Up On Him: Hanging up on a guy while he’s still talking to you over the phone doesn’t portray you as being responsible, it shows you off as being mannerless and disrespectful. Yeah, I know some of the ladies do this not to appear desperate or needful of a guy but trust me that is a very bad idea.
  4. Telling A Guy To Be A Man When Faced With Difficulties But Telling Him It’s A Lady’s World When It’s Time For Enjoyment: The best a lady can do is to be supportive during difficult times and also be ready to enjoy with him during good times.
  5. Believing It’s Your Right To Demand From A Guy: yeah, it’s a very hard time economically the least you can do is be appreciative when a guy goes out of his way to provide for you or support you anyways. When he is not able to do so, be understanding. Many ladies believe that in African every guy who likes her must continue to solve her problems that her biological father is unable to solve, otherwise, they don’t love her. That’s why many senseless guys take to fraud just to meet up. But that’s a major turn-off for the response guys.
  6. Being Too Bossy Or Showing A Lack Of Humility: This is another major turn-off because the way into a man’s heart is through caring for and about him, apologizing when you are wrong and so on, of which only a humble lady can do that.
  7. Not Telling The Guy What’s Bothering You Instead Dropping Hint: See no guy is a mind reader if you don’t say it out, he won’t know what the problem is and that does not show you off as being a mature person, who will like to date or marry a little baby? I know sometimes it’s quite difficult for girls to talk about certain things. Things like ‘you didn’t acknowledge my beauty today, yeah, I know but dropping hints sometimes will still not do the job of letting him know why you are sad, instead playfully tell him how you feel.
  1. Requesting The Guy Not To Have Any Female Friend: This is one of the most annoying things a girl can do that turns a man off. You mean I shouldn’t talk to any other girl as in not even hello! Nah! It’s a No-No. Lol.

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